A Letter to Nana

In 2004, thirty-five years after she died while a patient in a mental hospital in Las Vegas, New Mexico, Nana came to her granddaughter, Carol Wawrychuk, in a vision.

“Take me home, Carol. Take me home.” Little did Wawrychuk know those few words would take her on an odyssey that lasted two years and literally uncovered thousands of lost souls in a forgotten and eroding cemetery. Expecting to find a manicured cemetery with flowers and century old headstones, she instead found cement slabs with dates and names crudely etched by hand, mangled metal markers stamped with patient numbers and human remains that found their way to the surface.

A Letter to Nana is not only about a cemetery cleanup, slicing through rolls of bureaucratic red tape, but it is a journey of Wawrychuk's reliance on God. In her quest to find Nana, she unintentionally uncovered skeletons in the closet and realized she had to free herself from her own barbed-wire fences. Through acceptance, redemption, courage and faith, Wawrychuk discovers the destination is the journey.

--Carol Wawrychuk

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