A Layman's Look at Ruth

A Layman's Look at Ruth provides pastors, Sunday school teachers, evangelists, and any student of the Bible with a comprehensive insight into the story of Ruth and her kinsman-redeemer, Boaz. She journeys to a land foreign to her with her mother-in-law. Due to her faith in the God of Israel, she and her mother-in-law are sustained. She eventually learns that Boaz is a relative of her late husband, and that she has the right to claim him as her husband. She does, and her family becomes part of the lineage of King David and the Lord Jesus. She is faithful when many would have faltered, and she is loyal to her family and her God. It is a story of love and suspense, and this simple commentary's goal is to give readers a better understanding of this wonderful book.

--Benjie Ewing

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