A Journey Through The Dark: There’s Nothing in the Darkness that Isn’t in the Light

“I don't like the dark either. Mom always says that we shouldn't be scared. She says that there is nothing in the darkness that isn't in the light.” Lexie put her hand on Isaac's shoulder.

He turned and looked her in the eyes, his fear obvious. “She lied.”

After their little brother is captured by a dark sorcerer in an attempt to antagonize an old feud, fourteen-year-old Lexie and the spirit of her twin brother, Isaac, are forced to travel deep into the darkest levels of the Fairy Queen's castle. Using their mother's stories to guide them and picking up a very helpful companion along the way, Lexie and Isaac come face-to-face with an evil their mother had always feared.

Past adversity and darkness, the children journey through each level of the Queen's castle, inching their way to Cain, their imprisoned younger brother. While bringing light to the creatures that dwell inside and fighting the monsters placed in their path, Lexie and Isaac face the greatest enemy a magical kingdom can produce—their own emotions. Anger, fear, jealousy, compassion, hope, and love are all touched on in this adventure.

--R.S. Gunn

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