A Gift That Changed the World: Stewardship in the Local Church

This is a book about charitable giving and stewardship. It is a resource book for churches and their leadership as well as the average church member. In it, the author addresses the age-old question: did Jesus or the New Testament teach tithing? How much are we instructed to give in today's world? Are we to give from the gross or our net income?

While doing the research for this book, the author makes a remarkable and heretofore silent conclusion. By using a cause-and-effect analysis, the writer postulates that the gift of the Corinthian church was used by God to facilitate every major spiritual awakening or revival throughout history. From Augustine, Calvin, Luther, Wesley, and many others who championed revivals, the Corinthian gift, via a cause-and-effect link, changed the course of church history.

Revitalize your church giving and expand its mission and ministry using the same concepts. By applying the lessons of the past from the Corinthians to modern-day stewardship, the reader's view of giving will never be the same.

In addition, Dr. Kovack shares secrets of church management that everyone in church administration will want, such as the charitable gift annuity and the charitable remainder trust, which are also explained in this book. Whether it is regular weekly giving or a capital campaign to build an addition, the principles and insights in this book are a valuable resource.

--Dr. Ronald Kovack

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