A Far Cry from Green Mountain

Based on the true story of Frank Peregoy, A Far Cry From Green Mountain reveals the struggles and triumphs of the only soldier in American history to have earned the nation's two highest awards for valor, The Soldier's Medal and The Congressional Medal of Honor. Frank's story captures Appalachian life in early Twentieth Century America and opens our eyes to how one poverty-stricken mountaineer overcame the hardships of the Depression without sacrificing his deep-rooted values of family, honor, friendship, and an unbridled patriotism. Ultimately, A Far Cry From Green Mountain chronicles one man's journey to find himself while doing his part to unshackle Europe from the grasp of tyranny. The author, Paul Barbero, draws from historical and military records, letters, and interviews with Frank Peregoy's last surviving family and friends to weave a riveting account of an American war hero too long overlooked.

--Paul J. Barbero

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