A Divided Church in a Twisted World

The church body is supposed to be, and is alluded to in Scripture, the bride of Christ. Yet, with all the disjointed positions and people, coupled with the great gulf of division within her, she looks more like the bride of Frankenstein. That, my friends, is not the bride Jesus is coming back for. Rather, He is coming back for a unified one.

So, we all see the divisions, the warring among the various churches, and the subsequent doctrines which develop from the said wars, leaving us pondering things such as: “Can this ever be fixed?” “Which church is right?” “Which one is wrong?” “Who is wrong?” “Who is right?” And most importantly, “What can I do to change things?” What is most remarkable is that unity is so easy to achieve that we cannot believe it. Yet it is. Of course, should we really have thought otherwise? After all, God's plan of redemption and salvation is easy. Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you for my burden is light and my yoke is easy” (Matthew 11:30). Basically, all that was said to say this: unity is not only doable, it is easy and enjoyable.

As you read this book, you will see it contains a wealth of information regarding the many divisions within the church body we see and know all too well today. Through insight, scripture, and experience, the author takes you on a walk through these divisions, demonstrating how the body of Christ got here to begin with. Further, the depiction of what unity truly is and its effects are thoroughly examined, all while defining what unity is and is not. This is crucial in the hour we live in as many false doctrines are arising, and, if not careful, we can be led astray. That is why this book and the answers found within it are a timely message for today's church, especially as it brings much-needed comfort and strength to those left bewildered in a divided church or has been left hurt from one.

--Sherri Martin

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