300-Foot Drop to a Miracle

Never suspecting that April 22, 2016, would be anything more than a typical day, Chris's mountain bike ride turned into the most horrific day of his life. Catapulting off the sheer face of the cliff at sixteen miles an hour and falling nearly three hundred feet, this true story of grit, persistence, and love of family is nothing short of a miracle. Appearing to Chris halfway down the cliff was an angel of God dispatched to relay His message of hope and peace that God would see him through this most terrifying experience of his life. Throughout this painful journey, Chris's wife stood by his side, realizing in the end that her thinking about what she held as important in life was just as paralyzing as a fall off a mountain.

Together, they healed each other as they moved closer to wholeness and the truth of God's Word. After being in a paralyzed state and moving through various hospitals and nursing facilities, Chris fought his way back to normalcy. This inspirational story is a reminder that no matter who you are or what circumstances you find yourself in, God is always true to His word and is an ever-ready presence when you are in need.

News coverage video: https://youtu.be/ZcH-NhcYIVA

Web page: miraclesurvivorstory.com

--Jennifer Hukill

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