12 Pillars of Manhood: A Vision that Honors God

The Twelve Pillars of Manhood: A Vision that Honors God is the result of the author's life journey viewing community and family through the lens of the Word of God applied to real world situations. It argues that what ails our country and communities is the need for stronger families led by stronger men. But the book also provides guidance for women raising boys to manhood, drawing on the author's own experiences of being raised in large part by a single mother.

The Twelve Pillars begin with the premise of honoring God. The remainder of the book's principles follow and develop this premise in its various contexts, worship and prayer, discipleship, stewardship, leadership, and resisting temptation. The book chronicles the author's journey into Christian manhood. This journey takes the author through a world in desperate need of the very Christian principles it fights against.

The Twelve Pillars is a celebration of who God has called each of us to be. More importantly, the Twelve Pillars is a battle plan of how to challenge our boys and men to a higher level of maturity, to lead more effectively, and to love more fully, living out God's purpose for their lives.

--William A. Green III

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