#11 The Little Trojan That Could: The Chris Limahelu story

An exciting story of the immigration struggles of an Indonesian family. Fleeing their home country, they spent ten years in Dutch immigrant camps. After receiving permission they came to America, with a dream of freedom! One family member took that dream and reached the impossible! Young Chris made his way, through countless obstacles, to establish his name in U.S.C. football lore. This pint-sized nobody, etched his name into Trojan and Rose Bowl history! Few gave him a chance to succeed in a game of giants. He wouldn't be denied! Earlier, he met a young coach from Oklahoma. Although Chris and “Coach D” came from totally different backgrounds, they teamed to develop a new kicking style in California high school football. The rest is history! The kid, with a big heart, taught us to “reach for the stars!” Chris Limahelu will always be: “#11 - The Little Trojan That Could!”

--Ben David Duncan PhD

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